Tuesday, 5 May 2015

massive beehive has arrived.....

At Central City Comics, Eagle Street, Ipswich.

We are only small right now but with a bit of support it will grow in no time.

Thanks to Rob at Central City for the support!

Let your friends know and come visit soon! 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

other distro goods

I'm also going to be selling bracelets and necklaces in the distro... I made them all myself and they are diy cuteness!

Heres a few of them... but there are plenty more to choose from.
Bracelets - £4
Necklaces - £7.50

Available from Central City Comics, Ipswich

more zines! eeeek!

OMG! The zine package I got in the post this week was so ridiculously splendid that it has taken me 2 days to put it on here!

These gorgeous zines were created by MC Sunflower Jones (they also have an etsy shop which you should check out!).... They will be available in the distro probably next week.

They are totally inspiring and I won't be putting out my own zine 'til I can achieve such greatness. Check 'em out:

Come buy them at Central City Comics!